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Coral "I forgive myself &others"

Coral "I forgive myself &others"

  • Dwelling in the sacred and compassionate space of coral’s love and wisdom, we can forgive ourselves and others. Coral helps us with relationships, letting go of unhealthy, codependent patterns; transforming unrequited love; and healing deep family hurts. With coral, we establish healthy personal boundaries and express and receive love without fear. Coral contains the universal energy of rhodochrosite and pyrite, coupled with the comforting and familiar aroma of vanilla and pink grapefruit.


    • For Aura: Gently spray around yourself for energetic enhancement.
    • For Space: Mist in your room, workspace, or around your altar and spiritual space to cleanse and elevate the energy.
    • For Altar/Spiritual Space: Use around your sacred area to enhance spiritual connection and focus.

    Note: Avoid direct facial contact.

    Our Aura Sprays are a versatile tool for wellbeing and spiritual practices, aligning and enriching your personal and sacred spaces.

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