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Indigo "I am grounded & safe"

Indigo "I am grounded & safe"



  • Originally formulated for New Age children known as the “Indigos,” the Indigo Essence Spray provides spiritual protection from negative energies, helping users feel safer and receive love and support from the environment. Perfect for meditation, interpreting dreams, and bringing clarity to night visions, Indigo helps deliver messages from the subconscious. For spiritual counselors, this essence helps tune into the third eye, intuition, a higher perspective, and divine knowledge, supporting clairvoyance and psychic awareness. The combination of covellite and lapis gem essences, along with cedar and lavender pure essential oils, stimulates brain function and mental synergy to help the body rewire old patterns into healthier new ones.


    • For Aura: Gently spray around yourself for energetic enhancement.
    • For Space: Mist in your room, workspace, or around your altar and spiritual space to cleanse and elevate the energy.
    • For Altar/Spiritual Space: Use around your sacred area to enhance spiritual connection and focus.

    Note: Avoid direct facial contact.

    Our Aura Sprays are a versatile tool for wellbeing and spiritual practices, aligning and enriching your personal and sacred spaces.

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