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Mercury Retrograde Balancer

Mercury Retrograde Balancer

  • Our Mercury Retrograde Balancer Spray is specially formulated to help create a positive and stable atmosphere during the phases of Mercury Retrograde. This unique blend combines the potential stimulating and soothing qualities of Peppermint and Lavender essential oils with the grounding properties of White Chestnut and Clematis from English Flower Essences. The essences of Ruby and Blue Topaz are also included to encourage the alignment of key chakras, facilitating the expression of ideas and clear communication. The spray aims to establish an energetic connection, enhancing its supportive qualities during this astrological period.

    How to Use:

    For Personal Energy: Lightly mist around yourself to foster a sense of energetic balance and mental clarity, especially useful during Mercury Retrograde.

    For Your Environment: Spray in your living or working areas to help create a harmonious and focused atmosphere, countering the disorienting effects of the retrograde.

    For Meditation and Spiritual Spaces: Apply around areas of spiritual practice or meditation to aid in deepening your connection and maintaining a clear, balanced state of mind.

    Safety Reminder: Please avoid spraying directly onto your face.

    This Mercury Retrograde Balancer Spray is designed to be a multifaceted aid, enhancing both personal and environmental energy, especially during the challenging times of Mercury Retrograde.

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