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Orange "I am here now"

Orange "I am here now"



  • Orange relates to the second chakra, where we digest life as well as food. It is where we assimilate what we need and then let go of what we don’t. Everything we learn through our attained knowledge and day-to-day experiences can ultimately be turned into innate wisdom by creatively working with our life lessons, whether they are difficult or not. Use this carnelian and amber-infused spray, scented with pure essential oils of sweet orange and patchouli, when you are assimilating something new or moving through a new stage of development. The color orange helps us shift from pre-patterned dogma to walking a path of continuing enlightenment.


    • For Aura: Gently spray around yourself for energetic enhancement.
    • For Space: Mist in your room, workspace, or around your altar and spiritual space to cleanse and elevate the energy.
    • For Altar/Spiritual Space: Use around your sacred area to enhance spiritual connection and focus.

    Note: Avoid direct facial contact.

    Our Aura Sprays are a versatile tool for wellbeing and spiritual practices, aligning and enriching your personal and sacred spaces.

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