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Purple "I am open to miracles"

Purple "I am open to miracles"



  • Purple represents the 7th chakra (crown) and is the gateway to our spiritual selves. This is where we can intellectually and intuitively understand and heal loneliness, grief, and negative thought patterns. By being aware of the power of our thoughts and our words, our higher guidance can assume the responsibility for our own transformations. This pure sandalwood and lavender-scented spray, infused with sugilite and amethyst, helps to turn negatives into positives! Purple is ideal for use before meditation and at bedtime, as it can help calm mental overactivity.


    • For Aura: Gently spray around yourself for energetic enhancement.
    • For Space: Mist in your room, workspace, or around your altar and spiritual space to cleanse and elevate the energy.
    • For Altar/Spiritual Space: Use around your sacred area to enhance spiritual connection and focus.

    Note: Avoid direct facial contact.

    Our Aura Sprays are a versatile tool for wellbeing and spiritual practices, aligning and enriching your personal and sacred spaces.

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